"give us your impoverished, recently incarcerated, returning             veterans, your disenfranchised and addicted..."
    We provide a sustainable approach to build better lives
    and a healthier planet.
  THE Renu S O L U T I O N
                   reclaim your freedom… DONATE today.
           When we provide jobs and related training, safe-affordable green housing 
           and related support we reduce crime, recidivism and our tax burdens. Our programs
           rely on green and recycled materials and by-products of several major industries 
           which reduces pressure on landfills, reduces the production of CO2, saves our 
           natural resources like trees which mitigate weather change and convert CO2 to clean oxygen.
           We also help our students develop a more sustainable lifestyle raising livestock,
           vegetables and fish assuring an organic, healthier, more affordable diet and less pressure
           on our healthcare system. When you donate, you reclaim your freedom from these
           global challenges and help others reclaim theirs!
           Renu is an IRS approved 501-C-3 Public Charity. Your Donation is tax deductible.
           Renu Foundation
           1441 C.R. 139
           Terrell, Texas  75161
            Thank you for supporting our work to build a better world.
            Sincerely, the Renu Family