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 Sell Something

We are constantly seeking out exceptional products to sell which benefit our charities and our affiliates. If you have particular products that you would like to 'drop ship' or otherwise offer to our clients we would like to hear about them. We especially want unique products that are from the following categories: Recycled, Repurposed, Sustainable, Organic, Non-GMO, Local, Green, LED's, Solar, Wind, Healthy, Nutritional, Functional, Affordable, Energy Efficient, Lower Environmental Impact, Lower Carbon Footprint, LEED Certified, Socially Responsible, etc. 


Shoes to Shine

From Shoes to Hats, Jewelry, High or Low Fashion your new or lightly worn products are needed.

Container Home.jpg

New or Repurposed

From homes built from shipping containers to chicken coops and solar panels, we want your home and building products.

Honey Frame.JPG

Lemon or Honey?

All Natural, Herbal or anything in between, if its part of a Healthy Life Style or Fitness Product we are in the market. 


The Categories above are for examples only. There is no limit or scientific prescription to the type, price or style of products we want to offer our clients, friends and those in need. If it is high quality or advertised as poor quality we will still review it to see if it can assist people in need or fulfill the high expectations of our most discriminating buyers and clients.  From A to Z we source products for our Alpha Source line of merchandise and services. Please feel free to contact us if you think your products could help others or sell well to our diverse market sectors. Please remember ALL (that's 100%) profits go to various Charity and Humanitarian projects and our AFFILIATES and REFER-ALL program is designed to help others in need of assistance or income generating opportunities to improve their lives. Your products are a necessary part of this process. If you wish to 'dedicate' a percent of sales to our Omega Alliance program please let us know. If properly tailored these dedicated discounts can be tax deductible.  

Don't Be Boring...

When you submit your products or services please leave a short or long comment about how your product(s) meet our criteria listed above. Any stories or other videos or related information that provides 'depth' to your products is a great way to promote your products and our social services. Note: Be creative and have fun!

Get STARTed!

Please email for more information or to allow us to preview your products. Just email us a picture or pictures with wholesale and retail pricing or discounts. Vendors must supply all artwork for our marketing purposes and please mention that you will or cannot drop ship each item you submit for approval.  All items approved will be marketed through various outlets and advertising medium including Google, YouTube etc. Other conditions may apply. 

We owe a big THANK YOU to our sponsors, clients and donors. 

Here are just a few of our corporate sponsors and contributors....

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