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an Air BnB is a great way to earn income and with Renu you can help others in the process.

Renu's Public Charity offers everyone opportunities. For the wealthy we provide ways to help you earn passive income as you help others. For the poor we offer job training, life skills training and related jobs all in a back-to-nature setting. We thrive on finding sustainable ways to improve our planet. When you buy a tiny home or shipping container from us you get it all. Your Renu CUBITS or Container Home is a perfect exhilarating, environmentally friendly way to share new ideas and design and building concepts. Your new Air B and B homes can be used as a base for seminars, thought provoking retreats, or just relaxing get aways from the daily grind. They are built with repurposed and recycled materials using lives that are being transformed in this symbiotic process.

Your purchase will allow us to expand our mission, reach and provide new students with jobs and provide better lives and a healthier planet. Along the way, hopefully we can all grow in the knowledge that we are part of something bigger than ourselves.

You can put your new home on your property or we will manage the entire process for you on one of ours. Recent tax laws can provide still more opportunities for your financial success as Renu is located in an Opportunity Zone. For more on ways to help yourself as you help others visit our website at

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