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Now you can Blog with the Renu Foundation....

We want to thank WiX and Google for providing our Public Charity with lots of free services.

Most important for us is the fact that these services allow us to build relationships with you and others who want a better world for us all. Our current focus is on finding ways to build an affordable housing coalition. We need investors, buyers, developers, mortgage companies, health care and major companies and other individuals to come along side us. We have a model we have developed over several decades to provide financially, environmentally and socially sustainable solutions to some of our nation and worlds most complexing problems.

To name just a few of the segments of need in our society our Renu S O L U T I O N is a working model to help with our homeless, Veterans, ex-felons, disenfranchised, single mothers, retiring baby boomers, disaster relief, disabled and the millions and even billions of people on the planet that need good, safe, affordable homes where they can raise their families or provide for themselves. To find out more please visit us at Thank you for visiting us and please help us to continue our journey...together.

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