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Building Sustainable Communities

No matter what problem an individual or family is facing having a community at their back can be the difference between success and failure. The old adage 'it takes a village to raise a child' doesn't only apply to children. All of us go through hard times and major changes in our lives. Even Princes and Princesses go through life changes. Just look at Prince Harry and Meghan (the Duke and Duchess of Sussex). Rich people go bankrupt, happy families experience divorce, loved ones are lost at war, mansions are sold at auctions, wives die of cancer and their husbands depression leads to alcoholism. Despite our egos, we are all just one major disaster away from homelessness.

The Renu Foundation knows from decades of experience that a 'community' rich in culture, nature and support can allow the downtrodden to build their way back... Unlike government, charities seek viable, financially sustainable, long lasting solutions. Real answers to people's real challenges. Returning veterans need jobs and counseling. Released prisoners have no car, no home, no money and no support. Single mom's need a home, a job and child care while they work to support their children. All of this is more attainable, more sustainable and more efficient in a well planned community designed to fill the whole that thousands fall into daily.

Renu Center II is a deployable model for a support community diverse in it's approach, supportive in it's back-to-nature, back-to-basics design. Repurposed shipping containers and CUBITS (Small Tiny Homes: Custom Urban Buildings in Transportable Systems) can be transported in to provide emergency housing, prisoner rehabilitations, homeless support, etc. The onsite fabrication facilities and offices allow on-site training and jobs which produce additional housing, products and services to support the next development and outside sales. The onsite gardens, greenhouses, aquaponics/hydroponics, chickens and fish provide needed nutritious, local, organic meals for the neighborhood. Solar Panels and Wind turbine provide green energy and the whole community supports one another by the development of their own talents, energy and diversity. This walk to work, learn, entertain and eat requires those living their to not need a car, insurance or even bus fair. A local van can be driven to nearby towns or cities for excursions or outside jobs as talents increase.

Renu needs your investment and donations to make this community the first of many across the US and abroad.

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