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With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing, construction and related industries, our founder came to recognize that the critical and pivotal elements to helping a struggling individual regain their footing in society are job opportunity and an affordable place to live.  Renu Foundation was created to address these two needs.

Renu Foundation provides opportunities and life skills assistance through job training, support, assistance and education.   Too often, poverty begins not with a lack of motivation, but with a lack of opportunity and a lack of options.   Our mission is to help create those opportunities and those options that give struggling, impoverished and disenfranchised individuals the tools and the homes they need to rebuild their lives.

Experience shows us that their is a dire need for small support communities where people can live affordably. Our design for theses small 'live, work, walk and learn' neighborhoods can also become models for more sustinable cities of the future. 


Over the years we have seen many successes and some failures, but the stories have recurring themes.  We learned that mainstream programs do little to address the special needs of returning citizens - particularly those just released with no credit, no home, no car and no prospects.  At-risk youths, drop outs, ex-offenders, addicts and homeless, even returning veterans are looking for encouragement and opportunity.  When asked "What can you do?” often the reply is “Not much” or “I don’t know.”  So we give them a broom and say, “Everybody’s got a talent.  Start with that and let’s find yours.”    


Officers and Directors

Kirk T. Melton - Our Founder and Executive Director has spent his entire career in the landscaping, architecture, manufacturing and construction industries.  An "out of the box" thinker, he leads the charge to bring new, innnovative, and sustainable community solutions to today's social challenges.

Dr. Ingrid Arnold, D.O. - Director and invaluable resource for advising on healthy choices/healthy living and the role of food and nutrition in overcoming common health challenges.

Senior District Judge Vic Cunningham - Director and Criminal Court Judge who provides strategic insight and guidance to working with our criminal justice system, political leaders and our students.

Donald Kennedy - Director and technical advisor, Mr. Kennedy retired as Dallas County Road and Bridge Superintendent and runs his own consultancy.

A Few of Our
Strategic Allies

Gold Canyon Heart and Home    www.GCHH.ORG        Arizona Logo.png

Renu Florida   :  John Murphy

Renu Illinois    :  Teddy Gray 

(We morn the loss of our dear

          friend Teddy Gray)

Major Contributors: Mark Sibert, Jim Rials, Dana Melton, Greg Leja, Frank Mestre, Barbara Reilly, Tom Arnold, Rickey Spearman,

Greg and Barbara Cunningham, Ross Cunningham, Joe Chiappetta, Jr.,

Pat Meadows, Brian Brockman, Brek Melton, Greg Green, Tanya Hunt  

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