Small Affordable Homes, Tiny Homes and Cottages

Helping provide Affordable Living Solutions and Second Chances

Renu builds Affordable Homes, Small Little Houses, Tiny Homes and Cottages to support our Public Charity and put our students to work. We started this nearly a decade ago before the small house movement heated up. That's because so many people need a good affordable place to live. Using affordable housing solutions as our platform, Renu Foundation focuses on providing second chances and job training assistance to ex-cons, returning veterans and other struggling individuals.  We seek to use recycled and sustainable materials to create affordable living solutions because that's what many of our own participants need, and in fact so does a growing segment of society.  And by partnering with other outreach programs to connect those affected by natural disasters with temporary or alternative housing, those we help are given the opportunity to help others who have lost their homes.

Small Little Houses - Small Tiny Houses - Floor Plans

We build real small houses, small houses, and even small tiny houses. We also build large homes.  Here are a few tiny house plans and small houses built from CUBITS and steel containers. Using Containers for housing is a great way to get a home you can move and that is harder to burn in a fire. Small little houses uses less resources to build and less energy to heat and cool. A small house also costs less to own and maintain.


At just 96 sq ft, a single CUBIT is a fully functional small tiny house..  Alternative floor plans include Backyard Getaway or Office, Storage Shed, Chicken Coop and more!

Trailer Units

CUBITS can be constructed on a trailer and assigned a VIN to create an RV option for mobile temporary housing assistance or tiny home living.  Extend a cube to create added space for a porch, larger living, storage or custom solution.   (Trailer package optional)

Affordable Larger Options

Our 24' and 32' designs are perfect for your lake lot, hunting lease or vacation property - or trailer it for a larger Tiny Home.  We also modify shipping containers for comfortable off-grid living.

Shipping Containers

We have 20' and 40' steel container home designs that are truly functional for downsized, vacation, seasonal and moveable living solutions.  Easy to deliver and customize your own exteriors.   (see Floor Plan at right)

40' designs include W/D, tub, full size refrigerator, pantry and extra storage.

Delivery and Pricing

Delivery options for trailered CUBITS depend on the finished weight and size.  Our F150 can delivery smaller CUBITS within a 200 mile radius, or we can help you connect with other delivery providers including freight transportation, RV haulers, etc.   

Shown above a typical 40' Container Floor Plan

Small 20' Shipping Containers starting at $24,000* 40' units from $36,000*
Single Cubits Units starting at $12,000*

Contact Kirk Melton for updated spec sheets and pricing details at 972-445-8500


* All living units include standard electrical, plumbing, cabinetry, vinyl plank flooring and lighting plus mini-refrigerator and microwave.

Cubits Options include trailer package, upgraded countertops and finishes, appliance upgrades, added lofts, additional custom cabinetry, composting toilet.

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