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Released Prisoners

Returning Veterans


Our job training and assistance program focuses on developing relevant, marketable skills within the construction industry.  We provide the necessary tools, work boots, gloves and supervision as participants work to learn a trade or skill set, and move them forward to working on actual projects and job sites as sub-contractors.  Temporary living or financial assistance may be needed to help certain individuals establish a foothold and put them on the path to self-reliance. 


Our LifeSkills program seeks to provide participants with the education and knowledge necessary to make sustainable changes to their life choices.  This is a "back to nature" program in a farm environment working side-by-side to learn responsibility and DIY skills.

CUBITS (Custom Urban Buildings in Transportable Systems)

We help fund our own programs by building housing and storage solutions for others.  Renu developed CUBITS as an affordable, transportable and even expandable building unit that utilizes all aspects of the building trade - from frame to plumbing to electrical to finish out - that participants can produce in-house and ultimately sell, with the proceeds returning to support the program.  Participants can also build and ultimately buy their own home with donor assistance from you!

Released Prisoners - Back-to-Nature


'R' (we don't give out their names) was released from prison with 67 other inmates. He is the ONLY one still out. Our Back-to-Nature, Back-to-Basics approach does save lives. His testimony is one more for our success column. Since this video last summer he has graduated and moved off to live with his estranged brother running their farming and trucking operations in South Texas. He still calls regularly and will be back to visit over the coming weeks. He still considers Renu his family.  


Affordable Housing

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