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CUBIT trailer built to house Hurricane victim - Texas

1-CUBIT Kitchen In Progress. This home was built for a survivor of the Houston Hurricane.

Cubit Home Raw Finish

Double Loft Tiny Home Trailer for a Single Working Mom

Team work, building Green and affordable with panelized systems developed by Renu Foundation.

Repurposed Shipping Container Home

Built in Seating and our 'Pop-Out' Cubes provide a dining nook for this shipping container home

Tiny Home built from Renu's CUBITS. Here 3 Cubes provide and affordable approx. 300SF home.

Inside a Cubit Home Kitchen

Our students got back to work while completely updating this old commercial building.

Building Self Esteem. We don't use real names but J spent a year with us and went back to college, where he earned a letter from the President for being Most Improved.

Building Green: Renu participants manufactured and built a medical center from recycled materials.

Learning Roofing, Construction and Green Building techniques helps participants stay off drugs and out of prison.

Commercial Job Site: Renu Foundtion put recovering Veterans and recently released felons back to work building the Shriner/American Veterans facility.

Community Gardens are part of Renu's sustainable culture and educational programs.

Aqua-ponics allows Renu to grow organic, fresh vegetables and fish in a sustainable greenhouse using 98% less water.

Harvesting our Own Honey. Saving the planet one bee at a time...

Some of our Back-to- Nature Flock

Commercial projects provide job opportunities for our students and quality workmanship for our clients.

Re-purposed Shipping Containers are converted by Renu students into functional, affordable homes.

Life-Builder and Job Training Skills come in handy while building cabinets for a local Berretta Gallery Store.

Renu participants develop skills and put them to use in our Tiny Homes building program.

Renu manufactures and erects CUBITS (Custom Urban Buildings in Transportable Systems) to provide affordable living solutions to help address the affordable housing crisis.

CUBITS With Porch on Wheels provides all the features of an RV with the strength of recycled- unitized steel construction.

Repurposing a Shipping Container into an affordable high quality home

Durable Tile Countertops and functional Kitchen amenities provide a great Tiny Home kitchen.

We can add additional amenities to a project, like this outdoor shower.

Single CUBITS Sample Floor Plan. 96 SF of packed in performance allows a single person a great functional place to start living their life of independence.

Project Team Graduates. They learned our Moto: YOU CAN!

Duplex Floorplan

Single Cube as a Workout space.

Single Cube as an office or private hideaway.

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