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When you donate to Renu you are not giving money to us. Your are investing in the building of better lives, families and communities through Renu and our programs.


  • Our Returning Veterans

  • Our Recently Released Prisoners

  • Our Disenfranchised

  • Our Homeless

  • Our Mentally Challenged


You can trust us to be good stewards of your investment. Not just because we say so, but also because the top Charity watch dog says so.

Candid Platinum Members are part of the elite .01% of all Charities rated for transparency and Financial Stewardship. At Renu being the best is what we teach others and what we strive for ourselves. 


In order for us to continue transforming lives we need your financial assistance. The numbers of people needing our help is over running our resources. You can make a difference in someones life today....  

Your Donation

Gives the countless less fortunate....HOPE

Back to Nature- Back to the Basics

We Rebuild and Renu Lives

as we train our students to build more sustainable housing and live a more environmentally 

sustainable - healthier life. 

Gardening, Ranching, Farming and Building.

We train our students to eat better, live smaller 

and contribute more to others....

We train them to live their best life for a healthier


Bring HOPE into someones life today....

Screen Shot 2023-08-09 at 4.42.35 PM.png

Your Donations allow us to build affordable homes, provide low cost housing, life skills training, back-to-nature experiences and provide Jobs and positive outcomes for those effected by life's many challenges. Your dollars mean support for our returning Veterans, Homeless, recently released Prisoners, the downtrodden and disenfranchised.  It means a hand up not a hand out.

It means not only lives changed for the better it often means lives saved...

Your donation can buy tools or work boots, or even a new home. 

The more you give...the more lives we will save...together.

Be part of saving a life today...

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