We Build to Re-Build Lives

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Sustainable Lives. Affordable Solutions.

Renu Foundation is a IRS approved 501(c)3 public charity that focuses on providing affordable housing solutions and second chances. With job training assistance to ex-cons, returning veterans, homeless and other struggling individuals we literally build homes to help rebuild lives.  Over the years we have developed various building processes unique to the challenges of low-cost, affordable housing  markets while we put an emphasis on using green, recycled and sustainable materials. 


We believe in a back-to-nature approach to transform lives that includes job skills, mentoring, education and instruction in sustainable lifestyles and healthier living.  By partnering with other outreach programs to connect those affected by natural disasters with temporary or alternative housing, those we help are given the opportunity to help others who have lost their homes. Effectively, we help those in need become part of the SOLUTION  to helping others in need. That is The Renu SOLUTION. 

To help fund our own programs we rely on corporate and individual donations and we also we build housing and storage solutions and sell them to others.  Renu developed "CUBITS" as an affordable, transportable and even expandable building unit that utilizes all aspects of the building trade - from frame to plumbing to electrical to finish out - that can be produced in-house.  The sales proceeds help support our mission and various assistance programs. 


Become part of the solution today... The RENU SOLUTION.  



For Information on Business Opportunities that help you and those we serve please contact Kirk T. Melton, Executive Director

by text at 214-534-9900 or by email at kirkmelton@renufoundation.org  

Renu supplies support, training, housing and jobs in a unique sustainable back to nature, back to basics program that allows you to earn a great return on your investment dollars as we support those in need:  our returning Veterans, Prisoners, Homeless, At-Risk Youth, Our Mentally, Physically Disabled and Addicted and our otherwise disenfranchised are all in need of our assistance. Providing hands up, not hands out makes everyone part of the solution.  The RENU S O L U T I O N.

" We need building and program funds to allow us to come to the rescue of so many desperate individuals and families. Won't you please consider donating, purchasing or investing with us today." 

                               Thank you!

Renu has received GUIDESTARS highest ranking for Charities.

Our Platinum status means we set the highest bar for our ethical, financial and corporate governance. 

We owe a big THANK YOU to our sponsors, clients and donors. 

Here are just a few of our corporate sponsors and contributors....

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