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Supporting our Veterans, Homeless, Recently Released Prisoners, At-risk and Disenfranchised


We Build to Rebuild Lives

Our Back-to-Nature, Back-to-Basics approach includes teaching and developing models for more sustainable communities and more sustainable lives. Our founders and our Charity: Renu Foundation have been pioneering recycled and refurbished building systems and methods for many decades. To help establish more sustainable communities we train others and implement bee-keeping, gardening, aqua ponics, micro-organism, soil development, animal husbandry and more. Our homes, Tiny Homes and Container Homes are built from repurposed shipping containers, recycled steel and foam and other repurposed items. Together, we can  RECYCLE MATERIALS - REPURPOSE LIVES and build a greener planet for our future generations. 

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For Information on Business Opportunities that help you and those we serve please contact Kirk T. Melton, Executive Director

by text at 214-534-9900 or by email at  

1441 C.R. 139

Terrell, Texas  75161

Supporting our Returning Veterans

Our returning Veterans, Prisoners, Homeless, At-Risk Youth, Our Mentally, Physically Disabled and Addicted and our otherwise disenfranchised are all in need of Your assistance. Providing a hand up, not a hand out makes everyone part of the solution.  Just $30 will buy a pair of boots for a worker in need. $50 will buy work attire. $500 will provide work tools of the trade. Larger donations allow us to fight homelessness.  No matter what you can give, you will effect change in a down and out life today!

We owe a big THANK YOU to our sponsors, clients and donors. 

Here are just a few of our corporate sponsors and contributors....

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