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By hitting on the Amazon Smile button and designating us as your Charity of Choice....Renu will receive a donation every time you shop. It is that easy to help us BUILD and GROW a better world. 

Amazon Supports us with every purchase you make

We want to thank AMAZON for their commitment to helping Public Charities and the communities they serve. We are proud to have their support and patronize them whenever we shop online.  



"Every day 22 Veterans commit suicide

With your help We CAN support them and help them re-enter society and deal with their trauma, depression and PTSD. Your support can literally mean the difference between life and death. 

Recently Released Prisoners

Roughly 10,000 prisoners are released each week in America. They need our support to find jobs, housing and learn a trade. Each prisoner costs us $50,000-75,000 per year in tax dollars. So they can either be a benefit to society or a drain on it. It's our choice...

Housing the Masses

Everyone needs a safe home to live in and grow their family. Renu uses its decades of experience to develop sustainable techniques to make this possible. You can be a part of the process and even profit from it as you HELP others....

When you use Amazon Smile you support these causes and help us BUILD and GROW our support programs. 

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