You can create passive income (and earn Annual rates between 10% and 12% or more) when you support Renu Foundation's Affordable Housing Program. Even better, because Renu sits in the middle of an Opportunity Zone and with new tax laws you may qualify for no capital gains tax on your earnings.

Notice: Renu does not offer, sell or promote securities of any kind. We sell real estate, land, homes and related services only. No offer is valid in any state prohibiting same. 

Special conditions apply to Opportunity Zone advantages and you are advised to consult with your attorney, tax advisor and CPA. 



We put our participants to work building homes using our decades of professional building expertise. We create a unique long lasting, low-maintenance, energy efficient CUBITS Tiny Home, Small Home or shipping container home. Which ever you purchase, you effectively own the home even in an Opportunity Zone program. We have several options. It can be placed on a Renu property and we rent the home to qualified candidates. We collect the rent, maintain the property, send you your money on determined dates so you can count on your money being in your hands on time. You can purchase a home or homes from us. We ship them to you and you can put them on your own property for rent or rent to own or to sell outright. In many cases these homes can be put on your own lot in cities and towns that accept Alternative Dwelling Units (ADU's). You can also use them for your mother-in-law or as a she shed or guest home. They are also becoming increasingly popular for AirBnB's 

If your looking for Tiny Homes, Small Houses, Shipping Containers for Housing, etc, we are professional Home Builders and we have Little Houses for Sale to support our Charity, assist those in need and help the environment as we promote smaller homes for better living... 


When you are looking for ways to help, it shouldn't conflict with your financial security.  Renu's Affordable Housing Program allows you to support our work and create a dependable source of income. 

We do all the work.  You own the property. You collect the income.

It's that easy to become part of the 

Renu S O L U T I O N

SPONSOR A HOME in Opportunity Zones


By choosing to sponsor a home for someone else in need, you can help us address the affordable housing crisis that is affecting millions of Americans desperately in need of a good, safe affordable place to live.   Our sponsorship program addresses the lack of financing options for many low-income individuals for whom a micro or tiny home, small home or shipping container home is the best solution.  By choosing to sponsor a home, you and RENU  effectively become the Builder and the Lender and allow a real estate asset to be rented or purchased by someone in need. These homes are built at our facilities in an Opportunity Zone. Our attorneys and CPA firm will assist in the structure to meet your investment needs. 



Renu and our strategic allies have worked for over two years to pioneer breakthroughs in Engineering requirements, State Licensing, Third Party Independent Inspection processes and Certified Appraisal services making it possible for Renu to address the affordable housing crisis in all 50 States. We are also working to meet Fredie Mac guidelines to hopefully achieve 30 year mortgage money for Tiny and Container Homes in the very near future. In the mean time your qualified good to excellent credit buyers can purchase our homes with no money down and no appraisal with terms up to 84 months. 


Today, we announce these services have been contracted for, funded and are being implemented in Texas, Florida and South Carolina. With each new order of just one container home or CUBITS home we will open your additional states. This process only adds a few weeks to your order, so act now before the virus pandemic is gone and you are looking for cash flow from your next successful project. Renu will come beside you with all of these necessary products along with our design, architectural and developer. contractor contacts (if your require). All in an effort to make sure You and your State can be

part of the Renu S O L U T I O N.


For any of the options above please text: Kirk T. Melton, Executive Director @ 214-534-9900 (text) or contact him by email at    

This rendering depicts our plan for Renu Center Two. With home building located on site workers, students and other participants can walk, live, eat, learn and enjoy the campus like atmosphere. Greenhouse, Coops and gardens provide organic vegetables, free range eggs and ponds provide tilapia and cat fish for clean proteins. The project can be located in an opportunity zone to support investment opportunities or economic development zones to support the local community. Homes are initially deployed using our shipping container homes but more sophisticated CUBITS built in the the large shop shown in the upper left corner can be shipped to other locations and provide economic support for others or those devastated by natural disasters.


A Sustainable Community Concept for Renu Center II

From Concept 2 Design 2 Budgets 2 Funds Negotiations 2 Engineering 2 Appraisals 2 Construction 2 Delivery 2 Sales or Rentals 2 Financing   Renu is with you all along the way  ( Some fees may apply, Contact us to discuss your project details)

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051118_0525 copy
Justin Oil 2
Deck 1
Copy of Living Room
Loft Shot In Progress
Cubit Home Raw Finish
CM5 Interior
KCampbell 1
CM 5 Rough Cabinetry
Single Exterior
JT Draft