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Here's how it works.... You decide your budget.  Our smallest completed and set home availalbe for this program (with all connections) is just $30,000 so that's the minimum amount to start. We will build a home in your name and we will rent it to our suitable renters. We own and manage the land, mow the yard, collect the money, make any required repairs and send you a check each month for 1% of the amount you spend. You purchase and own the home in your name (UCC Filed in your name).

Example I: We build you a $30,000 home on our property.  You receive $300 per month or $3,600 per year. That's an approximate 12% annual payout. Except year one will be two months short while we build your home. So year one you will receive $3,000 or 10% of the amount you pay for the home.. You can purchase one or up to 12 homes. You can rent them for as long as you like or we will buy or help you sell your home (at our option). Your choice, assuming availability and this program is subject to change.  It is really that simple.... Passive Income....Permanent , Positive and Protected.

Example II:  You purchase one home or a hundred, we build and deleliver them and you place it on your property. It could be in your back yard, on a lake lot, an RV like park or other suitable location. You rent the home often for $600 per month or more and keep all the money. You can do your part to help with America's Affordable Housing Shortage while you earn additional income. This can be really helpful as you get to retirement age. 

That's the RENU way.  Building Greener, Building Lives and Building YOU Passive Income. 

Contact Kirk T. Melton, Executive Director to start making passive income today. Office: 972-445-8500 or Text 214-534-9900.

NOTICES: You will be required to pay for homeowners insurance. If home is un-rented for more than 4 months in a row, we reserve the right to forgo payments (to you) until it is rented. (effectively we guarantee the rent up to 4 months of vacancy). After 10 years you will be responsible for any updates or required repairs. The first 10 years are protected by Renu's home protection plan and/or builder warranties. Renu may offer additional warrantees at the end of the first 10 year period at its option. Renu or its affiliates own the communities where your home will be located. All homes are 'movable' and you the owner has the right to move your home if Renu does not abide by all terms and agreements of this offer.  Renu is an established home builder and reserves all rights and remedies. Renu is offering to sell only homes that it produces or builds. This is not an offer to buy, sell or market any securities. This is not a solicitation for investments of any nature. 

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