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Residential Components

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Minor Subdivision status may allow us to develop (5) 20-100 acre lots serviced by gravel roads and 12' driveways.  

Agricultural land with 5,000 SF Homes (Lodge) and Greenhouses and 5-10,000 foot barns along with Labor housing and Overseer Quarters will be positioned strategically to provide anchor residential elements to the project. 

Development Phase I (begun after funding)

*Surveys and Architectural and Infrastructure Engineering Phase

*Preliminary Shipping Containers Produced in Dallas to supply phase I and II Development needs and ongoing storage 

*Roads cut, gravel laid and compacted (CTB or equivalent Renu Technology Road building platform, (Initial) Fiber Optic (from onsite HUB) and Solar Panels with centralized and de-centralized collectors combined with underground utilities  will be installed to the back 5 Lots. Providing access for the entire development. 

Residential HOMES Lodges, Guest Rooms, Large Greenhouse, Gardens, Huge Barns (shops and storage) along with heavily landscaped beautiful terrain will provide the residential anchor for the development and a base camp for the project. 

Large Community Gardens, Aqua-Ponics and Hydroponic learning and use facilities.


These buildings must be built per existing codes.


ASAP we need to facilitate the re-establishment of Woodside township which will allow greater design, zoning and building technology freedoms and less stress filled timeline and approval processes and dicates. WE need to mix use the property in ways rarely seen before. 

Phase II 

Preliminary Commercial Developments:

Memorial Built for the Old Gas Station (moved if deemed necessary for long term highway expansion) Geyser Re-Established.

Gas-Store-Entertaiment-Motel Venue, with

Restaurants, RV park and Tiny Home Short or Long Term low cost living alternatives for workforce housing.

Large Commercial  Factory for Renu Housing and related technology platforms, 

Solar Farm (based on outside supply contracts and internal energy requirements. Wind farm (not the eyesore types, these look like artful wind chimes)

Phase III

Resource Learning Center-Movie Theatre-Sports Venue, Welding-Glass Blowing-Arts-Blacksmithing, Manufacturing and Training Facilities and related venues providing revenue, jobs, entertainment and learning experiences for those living with us or visiting our model for sustainable development .

All of this with expanded homes for residents based on tapestry and needs of those that become part of the community. 

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Homes and Lodging
Gardens, Jogging and Cart Paths
Greenhouses, Aqua-Air-Hydro-ponics
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Livestock and Local Food Production
Retail, Learning, Arts and Crafts, etc
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